Yin Yoga Wollongong

DAILY Yin Yoga Classes. Warm & Beginners-friendly

Our comfortable and welcoming Yin Yoga classes are ideally suited to all ages, yoga fitness levels and life stages such as pre/post pregnancy. Yin Yoga is useful for complete yoga beginners, injury recovery and helps increase overall flexibility, enhancing your Vinyasa or Bikram yoga classes. You will find most of our Yoga Members will incorporate a Yin Yoga class weekly into their yoga routine, for greater flexibility, meditation to create a more balanced yoga practice.

Yin Yoga is floor-based (definitely no sun salutations!) and focuses on deep stretching poses, opening meridian channels and restoring the body. Yin Yoga is ideal for those who prefer a slower, but deep workout, holding poses for around 3-5 minutes. We keep the lights low and the room at a comfortable temperature to create a deeply meditative, relaxing environment.

WHAT TO BRING: Bring a bottle of water (no glass, please),and a yoga mat. We hire mats if you don’t have your own. Bring a towel if you want to shower afterwards. Wear clothes that are suitable for the gym (no loose clothing) and suitable for holding deep yin yoga stretches.

FAMILY YOGA: Yin Yoga can be suitable for children who can sit still (around 7 years upwards), especially our 5pm Sunday yin yoga session. Juniors/children are $10 and bring a colouring book in case they decide they need a break from the poses.

Yin yoga