Suzi’s Story


“After struggling to recover from two ankle injuries, my physiotherapist suggested I try Bikram Yoga to help with strength, flexibility and the referred pain in my knee and hip. After one month of three classes a week I noticed a considerable difference in my ankles and joints which was awesome, but it was other changes noticed by myself and friends which has encouraged me to continue with my yoga practice at the studio.

I am taking part in a study at the University that is tracking the health and wellness of the Illawarra. This includes taking bloods, noting markers for cholesterol, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, blood pressure, exercise tolerance, body fat percentages and resting heart rate. With a family history of all the above the study was keen to watch these levels and whilst they were all in the normal range (admittedly, the higher range of normal!), there was still a great deal of room for improvement. After the second month of three classes a week, my pathology was rechecked and I am thrilled to report that not only are my markers at the low end of the normal range, but that my “risk factor” category for developing heart disease and Type II diabetes has dropped from “quite likely” to “not at all likely”.

Beginning Bikram Yoga has produced some fantastic results in terms of my physical health; I am sleeping better, eating a little better, and my stress levels are much easier to manage. I am in my third month with the Studio now, and I am looking forward to improving my practice and my health and wellness for a very long time to come.”



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