Non-heated / Beginner-friendly

Pilates is an accessible exercise option for most levels of fitness. Small group matwork Pilates classes can make a meaningful difference to core strength, flexibility, mobility and ease of movement.

Originally called Contrology by the founder, Joseph Pilates, the exercises are based on these principles:

Flowing Movement

Knowledge helps empower you about your body, injury or condition. The slower, more specific instructions and teacher guidance in slower Pilates classes will continue educating yourself about your own body.

Bring a bottle of water (no glass, please) and a yoga/pilates mat. We hire mats if you don’t have your own. Wear clothes that are comfortable for stretching in, suitable for the gym.

Try a pilates class and discover why Madonna, Jennifer Aniston and Miranda Kerr are devoted Pilates fans.
Pilates can help pre-hab (before surgery) and rehabilitation along with helping improve back pain, anxiety and stress.

A Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise study found after 36 weeks of pilates training, the women in the study strengthened their rectus abdominis (the muscle responsible for six-packs) by an average of 21 per cent, while eliminating muscle imbalances between the right and left sides of their cores.

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