Hot Power Pilates 45 mins

Heated / Beginner-friendly

Get into shape fast. Hot Pilates combines the awesome core power of Pilates with high-intensity cardio, funky tunes and heat. You’ll love it !!!!

Bring a 750ml/1l bottle of water (no glass, please), a bath-sized towel and a yoga mat. We hire mats and towels if you don’t have your own. Bring a second towel if you want to shower afterwards. Wear clothes that are suitable for the gym (no loose clothing).

Try a class and discover why Madonna, Jennifer Aniston and Miranda Kerr are devoted Pilates fans.
Hot Pilates might help improve your fitness, detox and cleaner eating, weight management and immune system. Likely to help improve your cardio fitness, mood and waistline as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Lorna Jane has been espousing the benefits of Hot Pilates for a few years now. Read the full article here.

Why Hot Pilates is a Hot New Workout

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Liked Bikram yoga? Try hot Pilates, where you’ll sweat away troubles and strengthen muscles in a 35C hotbox (Daily Mail)