BEGINNERS YOGA CLASSES – where to start?

Now is as good a time as any to get started on your yoga journey.

Book your first class ONLINE or download the APP “Wollongong Yoga Centre” (or if difficult to book using your mobile device, just turn up for the class and enrol at Reception!).

Look for classes named Beginners, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin or Aerial Yoga on the Timetable. If you are feeling like really wanting to launch into fitness and a more challenging class then try the Vinyasa (warm), Power Yoga (warm-hot) or Bikram Yoga (the famous traditional HOT hatha yoga). When trying a range of classes, you will soon explore which combination of styles works best for where you are right now on your yoga, health and fitness journey.

The Yin Yoga classes (floor-based postures) are particularly well-suited to ALL AGES, all fitness levels and are user-friendly classes for everybody type. Especially if you are recovering from injury, worried about not being flexible or do a lot of sports/gym/weight training where you need to improve stretching and flexibility.

See the LIVE schedule online.

If you prefer to chat in person, call us anytime (between 7am and 9pm) on 0475 627 464 and we’ll be happy to share some advice suitable for you.

Our awesome Yogi Tribe are invited to join plenty of fun and interesting workshops such as sound healing sessions, potluck gatherings, meditations, yoga+beach, yoga+hikes, retreats and other adventures. You’ll have the opportunity to get connected with like-minded, like-spirited and friendly people at your Wollongong Yoga Centre.

Look froward to meeting you in person,
See you on the mat soon!
Namaste x

Here are some pictures of our students and our studio, to give you a sense of the space. Lots of personal mat space and some of the best traditional Bikram-style heating of any studio in Australia. We also have a second wooden-floored studio and workshop space upstairs. Along with a lovely friendly teaching team and community …

triangle (1)standing separate leg stretching (1)standing head to knee (5)ukatasana (7)fixed firmstretching (2)

You may as well get started and book online now