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Hypnobirthing Classes

Hypnobirthing Wollongong baby feet

Natural birthing is literally the ‘birthright’ of all pregnant women and their soon-to-be-born baby. Whilst many women are curious about natural birthing, there is also an alarming rise in cesareans across the Western world.

The birthing process can easily become medicalised, once reaching hospital, unless the parents are well-prepared with adequate information about their birthing options and how to naturally navigate the various stages of labour.

The fact is, many women have had little exposure to positive birthing stories from friends and family. Or rarely seen an actual birth happening. We could share a lot more about their stories, to help educate each other about how natural birthing ACTUALLY happens, to feel more fully prepared for the real-life event!

Hypnobirthing recently made headlines, with Kate Middleton (Prince William’s wife) reportedly having used hypnobirthing techniques for all three deliveries.

We run regular Hypnobirthing Classes in Wollongong as part of our passion for inspiring more women to take control of their mind, emotions and breathing for a calm birth experience. These one day hypnobirthing workshops are designed for both partners to learn practical techniques for better birthing.

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