March 18, 2015

How my liver tests improved in 2 weeks!

MY detox CHALLENGE The 30 – DAY YOGA DETOX challenge has been AMAZING for me! In October 2014 my doctor noted some liver abnormalities following routine blood tests and advised this needed to be further investigated, but suggested I wait until after the holiday season because of very likely over-indulgence!! I jumped at this challenge in January 2015 and 2 weeks into it I went for blood tests specifically for […]
March 18, 2015


MY detox CHALLENGE The 30 – DAY YOGA DETOX challenge was AMAZING! Through simple and basic discipline (by giving up all added sugar, gluten, lactose, grains and all white processed carbs) PLUS one Bikram class a day you can transform your life. I kept focused mainly Monday through Friday. On weekends I consumed responsible amounts of alcohol with no restrictions on food type (within reason). The amazing bit was that […]
April 27, 2011

New NFL Training Methods!

Yes… Bikram yoga is not for the faint hearted and NFL is catching up:) Click here to read more about new NFL training methods~
April 25, 2011

2010 World Champion’s introduction to Bikram

Brandy Lyn Winfield from roy on Vimeo. A beautiful introduction to Bikram Yoga by Brandy Lyn, 2010 Yoga Asana World Champion. If you have just taken your FIRST Bikram yoga class and you are thinking NEVER AGAIN, please watch this – it will make you think otherwise! Brandy’s performance at the 2010 International Asana Championship: PS – just as we speak, Brandy’s mother is participating in the Bikram Teacher Training […]