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Did you know Wollongong is home to one of Australia’s largest and friendliest warm and hot yoga studios? Means you get plenty of personal mat space (nobody likes someone else too close when in downward dog!) and our friendly experienced team absolutely LOVE to help you on your yoga journey. We have plenty of BEGINNERS YOGA classes where you get small group attention. And larger, more challenging classes for those returning to yoga or more experienced in their practice. Our UNIQUE mix of classes means you get evolve your yoga in lots of meaningful ways month after month. You can just turn up 15mins before a class and get started with ANY of the Bikram Hot Yoga or Vinyasa (non-heated) classes. However it is MUCH easier if you book classes online in advance or download the APP. Get started with our Introductory Offer 30 Days $49 and attend as much as you want, then decide which Package or Membership is ideal for you. Many students attend 2-3 classes consistently every week. You can literally see the transformation on many levels, as they get that healthy ‘yoga glow’! We have TWO studios onsite: our hot/warm/non-heated Main Studio (ground floor for between 20-80 yoga students or 20 Aerial Yoga students) and Upstairs Studio (standard room temperature, 10-15 students). We also have our Meditation, Workshop and Massage spaces. All classes are suitable for Beginners to Advanced Students. You can start with ANY class, so give yourself no excuses: just get started! Yoga is suitable for all ages and all body types. Try a variety of classes until you find a style that works best for you: Bikram Hot Yoga (we love the discipline of Bikram), Vinyasa Flow (upper body strength and toning), Hatha Yoga (non-heated, holistic yoga), Aerial Yoga (fun, all over toning, great for spine release), Yin Yoga (slow stretching postures and restorative). Bring your own mat and towel, or rent at Reception (mats $2, towels $3). We have lots of HOT showers with hairdryer, hot hair straighteners and beauty treats. FREE locker keys and PLENTY of change-room space. Got questions? Email Click here to view our LIVE class schedule. It may take a few moments to load, depending on what device or browser you are using! You can also click here to go straight to our class list and online booking system. Any problems simply email or call for friendly help and advice (02) 4228 9654 or text 0475 627 464