April 25, 2011

2010 World Champion’s introduction to Bikram

Brandy Lyn Winfield from roy on Vimeo. A beautiful introduction to Bikram Yoga by Brandy Lyn, 2010 Yoga Asana World Champion. If you have just taken your FIRST Bikram yoga class and you are thinking NEVER AGAIN, please watch this – it will make you think otherwise! Brandy’s performance at the 2010 International Asana Championship: PS – just as we speak, Brandy’s mother is participating in the Bikram Teacher Training […]
March 30, 2011

2011 USA National Yoga Asana Championship

I hope you will enjoy this post, this time an interview with the 2011 USA National 1st Place Champions : Joseph Encinia and Afton Carraway.  Please also enjoy a very inspiring  three minute demonstration of the physical aspects of Hatha Yoga: technique, grace, form, blance, strength, and flexibility as well as the non-physical aspects of Hatha Yoga:  faith, concentration, self-control, determination, and patience. Joseph Encinia How did you select your Optional Postures? Joseph: The optional […]