June 15, 2011

Feel inspired – new students!

If you have just started or just want to know more in-depth information about each posture, including video demo, please check the site below. A comprehensive guide to the 26 postures and the first breathing exercise! http://www.bikram-yoga-videos.com/standing-deep-breathing-pose/
June 12, 2011

Feel inspired!

Check out the upcoming International Yoga Asana Championship, June 18th & 19th at Radisson LAX. Streaming live at http://ghoshcup.com/ Also, a new link where you can find all Bikram related info & videos on one page! http://www.bikram-yoga-videos.com/
May 1, 2011

What You Can Expect From Practicing Bikram Yoga

The benefits that have been attributed to the practice of Bikram Yoga include: Weight loss and rapid body toning Muscle toning and strengthening Increased flexibility and balance Better sleep and regulating of sleep cycle Stress reduction Energy and vitality improvement Slowing of aging process When a group of Bikram Yoga practitioners at a Sydney studio were surveyed the results showed: 85.9% said they had noticed “noticeable” to “outstanding” improvements in concentration […]
April 27, 2011

New NFL Training Methods!

Yes… Bikram yoga is not for the faint hearted and NFL is catching up:) Click here to read more about new NFL training methods~