Hot 90

Heated / Intermediate

26 postures done in our studio heated to 38°C with high humidity to make you sweat! A 90 minute class with the option to leave after 50 minutes. Intermediate class for ages 16 and up, you will see and feel fantastic results with commitment. Ideally you will have already done Hot 60 before moving onto this 90 minute class. Learn more about Hot 90 Yoga here.

Bring a 750ml/1l bottle of water (no glass, please), a bath-sized towel and a yoga mat. We hire mats and towels if you don’t have your own. Bring a second towel if you want to shower afterwards. Wear clothes that are suitable for the gym (no loose clothing) – you will get HOT!

standing head to knee (3)

Hot 90 Yoga Teacher Profile

Say hello to Carolyn Jenson!

Carolyn first tried a Hot Yoga class on 31st Dec, 2002 after friends convinced her to go. She thought yoga was just “a pile of impossible poses, done by over flexible show-offs!”.

“The class was packed, like mat touching mat. I was in the back and initially didn’t even realise there was a wall to wall mirror at the front, I was a little (lot) distracted. I was at that time physically fit and was surprised at the level of cardio and strength that was needed.  I don’t remember getting hooked, I just kept going back.

I continued on and off for the next 6-7 years, as life permitted. I got quite a bit more serious in 2010 when I was medically discharged from my job due to illness and ongoing injuries and a school opened within reasonable distance to home. The benefits I got are too many to list; medically, physically and mentally.

I just asked some of the teachers about the training and was surprised when they encouraged me to think about teaching, it had never occurred to me I could teach! I thought they were teasing me, I’ve never been very flexible.”

Everything fell into place and Carolyn completed her teacher training in June 2013 and a teacher she is!  

Carolyn and Bikram