Hot 60

Heated / Beginner-friendly

A 60 minute Hot Yoga class for people who want to build up to 90 minutes or when you just don’t have enough time or energy. We still practice the 26 poses, but don’t do all of them twice. Our studio is heated to 38°C with high humidity to make you sweat! Beginner-friendly for ages 16 and up, you will see and feel fantastic results with commitment. Learn more about Hot Yoga here.

Bring a 750ml/1l bottle of water (no glass, please), a bath-sized towel and a yoga mat. We hire mats and towels if you don’t have your own. Bring a second towel if you want to shower afterwards. Wear clothes that are suitable for the gym (no loose clothing) –


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Hot 60 Yoga Teacher Profile

Say hello to Brian King!

Originally from Ireland, Brian owned a construction business in Australia for many years until his right foot got crushed by a two-tonne excavator. Doctors were unsure if he’d walk again but regular Hot Yoga proved them wrong!

Brian closed down his construction business at 42 and took up yoga full-time, completing his Hot Yoga teacher training in America in 2009. He has since taught in Sydney and climbed a few mountains (incl. Mount McKinley in Alaska) before coming to The Gong and building the Wollongong Yoga Center!

Read Brian’s story in Australian Yoga Journal here.