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Suzi’s 8-Week Weight Loss Challenge Results

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We have all been there, yes? Counting points, home delivered meals, dangerous weight loss pills, and who remembers the grapefruit diet? Over the years, I have tried all of the above, and yes… I have been successful on all of the above, but here is the thing. When you look at the sheer numbers of it all, I have gained and lost the same 30 kilos four times over, since the age of 25, so I guess, success is relative.

This year, I have been hungry for real change (sorry, very bad joke, but appropriate!). Not just in terms of weight loss, but in overall heath and wellness. As a health professional, we talk about caring for patients in a holistic sense, and this is something I wanted to apply to myself.

The 8-Week Weight Loss Challenge has allowed me to really explore the reasons why I haven’t been able to be consistent with my journey when it comes to losing weight, my relationship with food, and my relationship with myself. This is a holistic programme in all senses of the word, and gives you all the support you need, particularly in the areas that you need – after all, whilst it is excellent, evidence based nutrition support that promotes the weight loss, it is also an exercise in mindfulness – working out what works for you in terms of sustainability, accountability and a lot of self love. For me, the weight loss and dropping of a clothes size has been a positive side effect. What has changed for me over the past 8 weeks, is learning to truly understand my long term barriers with food, and ultimately with myself. The next 8 weeks?? Less of the challenge, and more of the enjoying of life, good health, a little bit of yoga, a little bit of beautiful, nutritional food, and a little mindfulness. Life is beautiful. x Suzie

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