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September 8, 2015
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How well are you ageing?


“I booked to see the Naturopath for an initial consultation (like a check-up with your GP) and a ‘how well are you ageing’ test, with the assumption that as a generally fit and healthy 27 year old I would be fine! I was wrong.

Before my appointment gave me a questionnaire to fill in about my mental and physical health and asked me to bring along a urine sample for the ageing tests. The very fact that I managed to wee into the tiny pot successfully AND it was a fairly light colour for first thing in the morning gave me some reassurance that I am indeed a fully-functioning, well-hydrated adult.

When I arrived I immediately felt relaxed and at home – a good thing when presenting someone with your wee, I think. We went straight into the testing; zinc levels, hard metals present, pH level and oxidative stress levels. Good news first, the pH level in my body was good. 6.5, in fact. If I eat more veg and less sugar I might be able to push it over the neutral 7 and into the low alkaline levels which is where we should all be for peak health. The bad news is they found traces of lead in my system which could have been present for a couple of years or for up to 20 (no obviously reason why) and can cause or contribute to many low grade health conditions and affect mental function and emotional states. I was told not to worry or to start Googling ‘lead poisoning’ as this was something I could get rid of with chelating tablets.

Lead aside, my zinc levels are too low and my oxidative stress levels are too high which can lead to chronic illnesses later in life. GREAT. While this was all a bit scary, I am so glad I’ve found out and, with Rebecca’s help, can now do a few small things to get these sorted.

After the testing we went through my general health and the questionnaire I’d filled in earlier, giving me the chance to talk to Rebecca about any issues or worries I had. This was made very easy to do with wonderful positivity, openness and wealth of knowledge and experience in naturopathy.

Since my consultation I was sent me a report of what we discussed, what the tests revealed and steps I can take to improve it all – changing some of the foods I eat to give me more zinc and taking a few supplements to get rid of the lead and bring my oxidative stress levels down.

In a couple of months I will do these tests again and fingers crossed my body will be healthier and happier! I urge everybody to go for a consultation and get these simple tests done as spending some dollars and an hour now could potentially save your future self.

– Jess Larmont

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