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Cleaning up your body is actually very simple – a colonic testimonial.

Testimonial from Karen at Bikram Yoga Wollongong:

“I first met Debbie at the Colon Centre in Randwick eight years ago then found she had her own business in Wollongong and have been having Colonics at the Colon Cleansing Centre for three years.

I started with the initial three session cleans and now have them regularly. I cannot express how wonderful the facilities and Debbie are. She has treated me with care, respect and dignity. Any of you who are experiencing bowel problems eg: IBS, toxic build up, fatigue, wanting to feel refreshed, kick start and maintain weight-loss, clear up your skin, improve mind clarity or improve your moods then I recommend that you have a few colonics. I have had all these benefits plus more.

Debbie supports you and explains the procedures to you, the information she provides is very professional and has supported my needs. Colonics help to maintain a healthier you in a holistic way. I will continue returning to the clinic because of her professionalism and care for clients, and because of the benefits that I gain from having them.

I undoubtedly recommend the Colon Cleansing Centre to anyone wanting to improve their health and wellbeing.”

Discover more here or get in touch with Debbie to book a visit: 0412 672 465.


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